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“Driven people full of energy. Studio NABI’s team thoroughly researched my industry – I was impressed and inspired to see all the design references. They followed up on all our requests, and my whole team was very satisfied with the outcome. We take a lot of pride in our new branding and packaging. After our rebrand, we secured new resellers and partners too, so overall it was a great investment .”

– Dr Csaba Meggyesi, Founder and CEO

“Studio NABI’s team has done a great job helping Futi in brand design and brand image creation. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them! I can only recommend Studio NABI to anyone who is interested in improving, their image!”

– David Mizda, Co-Founder of Futi

“Working with Studio NABI is like working with someone that can perfectly channel your creativity, boost it, and transform it into a reality. They possess a great understanding of what brands need in order to grow and become meaningful for their audience. I can’t wait to work with them again!”

– Augusto Santos González, Social Media Specialist

“Studio NABI is a passionate team with smiling faces. With Studio NABI, there is absolutely no ego involved. Everything is done with intelligence to manage complex projects and help them take on the scale they deserve. Their humour, investment and expertise will never fail you. I can only recommend them.”

– Sadi Yildiz, Photographer and Art Director

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